Tribal for Girls Tattoos – see pictures and learn the meanings of stunning tribals suitable for females

Tribal for Girls

Tribal for girls tattoos have recently become very popular. See pictures and learn meanings of stunning tribals suitable for females.

Tribal for girls tattoos have recently become very popular.  There was a time when the tribal was associated only with masculinity. This type of tattoo extends more than just skin deep.  Many years ago tribal tattoos had symbolic and spiritual meaning and were used by such cultures as the Native American Indian, ancient Chinese and the Celts to represent the customs and traditional beliefs of a particular tribe and the designs would differ according to the tribal community they represented. 

The tattoos of the Native Americans are a good example of their representing masculinity as they displayed animals, such as the bear.  Angels were symbolic of religion and represented in a tattoo by using the wings. Today’s tribal tattoos  do not usually have any social meaning or association with a specific tribal community.    These tattoos are simple yet elegant and their simplicity makes them easy to customize.  Modern times have seen the emergence of a female version, the tribal for girls tattoos.

The tribal designs are known for their thick, bold swirls which are associated with masculinity.  However, since these designs are very adaptable, it’s very easy to create feminine versions which look stunning on ladies.  Simply by using the traditional tribal swirl characteristics but making the size and shape smaller and more focused, then adding some color, these masculine tattoos have become very appealing to the female population and have been labeled tribal for girls.  Perhaps it is the contrast effect that has made them so appealing.

As with many trends, the rise of the popularity of the tribal for girls can be attributed to some well known female celebrities flaunting tribal tattoos. Sandra Bullock has one under her navel and Pamela Anderson has one on her lower back. Rihanna has a tribal wrist tattoo symbolic of strength and love.  Another famous female who has many tattoos is Angelina Jolie.  She has a tribal dragon on her lower back. However, this has become partly covered by the addition of a tiger tattoo.

 Another reason for the popularity of the tribal tattoo with women is their versatility to be used on different parts of the body.  The thick, black swirled patterns can be adapted to fit on the arms, back, chest or other body parts, especially the smaller body parts used by the tribal for girls tattoos.  Some of the more popular female designs are the rose, butterflies, dragon, hearts, crosses, arm bands, wrist bands, ankle bands, stars, suns and many more.  Small versions of these are suitable as an accent on the top of the arm, shoulder or ankle and the versatility of larger versions look great on the lower back.