Tribal for Girls Tattoos – see pictures and learn the meanings of stunning tribals suitable for females

Tribal for Girls Rose tattoo

The association of the rose with beauty & love makes the tribal for girls rose tattoo extremely popular with the ladies.


Tribal for girls rose tattoos are extremely popular with the ladies. We have come to associate the rose with love and beauty and this is precisely why this tattoo has come to be so popular among lady tattoo lovers.  The association of the rose with beauty and love dates back to centuries ago.  Flower tattoos are the most popular among females and the rose is the most sought after of all the flower tattoos.

Happiness is expressed when flowers are either given or received. Almost everyone has either given or received a red rose as an expression of love or at least seen this done in a movie.  Instead of exchanging a rose flower, it’s not uncommon in modern society to see this tradition replaced by having a red rose tattoo inked with his or her lover’s name on it, signifying eternal love.  The female version of this tattoo has been labeled as the tribal for girls rose tattoo.

While the rose itself is incredibly beautiful, it is the color of the rose that unlocks the key to its meaning.  These same meanings apply to the colors of the tribal for girls rose tattoo.

  • Red means true love, courage and passion
  • Dark red (or burgundy) is known for its representation of beauty
  • White portrays purity, spirituality and peace
  • Lavender is associated with love at first sight
  • Orange signifies passion and desire
  • Pink represents grace and gentleness
  • Yellow, in modern times, means joy and friendship.  However, back in Victorian times yellow was linked to jealousy
  • Blue symbolizes mystery and the achievement of the impossible simply because, in nature, the blue rose does not exist.  The blue rose is actually a lavender or white rose that is dyed blue so is associated with the wish for a miracle
  • Black represents death and darkness.  In nature, black roses aren’t really black but rather deep purple

The color you choose for your tribal for girls rose tattoo may have a strong connection with the above meanings.  However, there are those who choose a color based strictly on its visual appeal.

There is a vast selection of different designs to choose from when selecting your tribal for girls rose tattoo.  You can select a single open bloom, a single rose bud or a bouquet of roses.  Another popular choice is a garland of roses around the neck, wrist, arm or ankle. You can also add a flowing ribbon to which you add the name of a loved one.  You also have the option of designing it with or without thorns.

If you would like to incorporate the philosophy of yin and yang into your tribal for girls rose tattoo, then you should design it with the addition of thorns.  The rose itself is a symbol of femininity and the thorns are a representation of masculinity.

The tribal for girls rose tattoo adds a twist to the rose’s representation of feminism because the addition of the boldness of the traditional dark black tribal tattoo swirls tends to portray power and strength.  The result of strength versus fragility, plus the contrast of the color of the rose against that of the dark black swirls creates a result that is striking.

When done tastefully, the tribal for girls rose tattoo looks absolutely amazing!